237.130 Task List

Below are my completed tasks for the Communications in Creative Cultures Paper.

Assessment Two 



A2 Component B: Best Blog Posts 2016

Week Four

1A: What is an Analytical Essay?

1B: What kind of writer am I?

2A and 2C: Understanding Essay Question One & WordCloud

3A: Written Response to Chapter

3B: Five Minute Free Writing Exercise 

3C: Summary of a Paragraph

3D: Mindmap and WordCloud

3E: Resource Section

3F: Issues related to topic

3G: Glossary Update

4A: Video Review

4B: Image selection

4C: Visual Analysis

Week Five

Task 1: Visual Literacy Video Response

Task 2: Contextual Understanding

Task 3: Essay Topic Research

Task 4: Visual Analysis

Week 6

Task 1: Library Research

Task 2: Who else is talking about ‘this stuff’?

Task 3: Analysis Ideology

Task 4: Essay Topic Research

Task 5: Reflection on Learning

Task 6: A2 Component B: Best Blog Posts 2016

Week 7

Task 1: The Myth of Photographic Truth

Task 2: Seeing the World

Task 3: Debate in Action

Task 4: Questions to Topic Sentence

Week 8

Task 1: Tool Kit

Assessment One


Week One

Who am I? Who Inspires me?

What is Critical Thinking?

Reading response to ‘How to See the World’.


‘Writing from the Gut’ Response

Week Two

Site One: Wellington Botanic Gardens

Site Two: Blood Earth Fire Exhibition, Te Papa

Comparing and Contrasting Sites One and Two 

Visual Text Analysis – The Peace Flame 

Week Three

Why is Context important?

Reading Response to Critical Thinking

Essay (Component A) Drafts



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